Summer Baby Monitor Units

Having a baby monitor in your child’s room, such as a Summer Baby Monitor, is becoming an essential commodity for parents with newborns or young children, as you want to ensure that your child is safe.

A newborn baby or even an infant can most times be very demanding, you have to keep an eye on them all the time to ensure that they are safe and comfortable, so having a good night’s sleep most times becomes very difficult, unless you’ve got an alternative plan up your sleeve.

The Summer Baby Monitor products are generally sleek in design and have a variety to choose from, this ranges from monitoring just sound to viewing Read More your child on a touch screen video, to small handheld that looks like a cellphone to normal sized baby monitors. The units come in two parts, the transmitter, which is placed in the baby’s room and the receiver (or parent unit), which normally resides with the parent.

Depending on the type of monitor, the transmitter could also have a camera installed to capture the images of your baby. You can use up to 4 cameras at one time to allow you to monitor other rooms, and all controlled from your parent unit, this is quite useful when you have other infants in the house and could end up being a cost saving for you.

The audio only type monitor such as the Slim and Clear, Secure Sleep and Secure Sounds are useful if you just want to hear when your baby makes a sound, or there is some noise coming from their room but in most cases having a view of your baby is also helpful.

If you decide to buy a baby monitor with an LCD screen, the following units such as the Day and Night, Baby Touch Digital, Sleek and Secure, or PictureMe might be a better option. The screen size can vary between 2.4 and 7 inches, a bigger screen means a bigger of your baby. The higher end price of the units are touch screen, and comes with a zoom facility, so you can zoom into any image displayed on the screen for more clarity.

The more pricey monitors have a pan and tilt feature on the camera, this is priceless, because no matter how much your baby moves around you will be able to control the movement of the camera from wherever you are around the house.

Most of the Summer Baby Monitor units have a 2-way communication system, so you can hear and talk to your baby and sooth them if you’re not in their room, there are lots of other things that you might want to use it for.

Some of the units come with infrared night vision, very handy for viewing your baby at night or in the dark. The battery life is reasonably alright but some of these baby units come with both batteries and plug in the wall or docking station for easy portability and no wires to trip over. Some of them Summer Baby Monitors have a low battery indicator, which alerts you when the battery is low.

Using a Summer Baby Monitor will give you that peace of mind and the reassurance that your baby is alright when you’re not in the room with them.